A how to on being so lazy you are not lazy!

I once heard someone say to be truly successful you have to turn your weakness into strength. Although this sounds lovely on paper and conceptually brilliant I did not know what that actually meant. I did not understand how to apply that information. Until…

One day I realized that things were running smoother. Things were getting done. I was less stressed and I had to stop and wonder why? What was making life easier? Was I doing something different or had things magically gotten better? (Hint, nothing magically gets better)

I realized I was thinking differently. I approached tasks and problems differently. And it is 100% because I realized what my problems were. I realized what I struggled with and I realized running away was not the answer. I had to work with my issues to find ways to make them issues no more. This is a benefit of age and a bit of life. Stop running from yourself and start running towards the life you want.

No, this epiphany did not change me overnight, nor am I done figuring things out, but learning about yourself and how to handle what life throws at you is the best survival technique you can know!

One of my greatest issues that watered a lot of my insecurities was the feeling that I was lazy. And guess what? I kinda am! I do not like having my plate super full socially. I do not like being super busy. Actually my favourite thing in the whole world is being caught up on work and feeling productive, having no ‘plans’ and lazing about my tiny little flat in a romper, with a top bun, no makeup, cuddling my cat and listening to tunes and getting really excited about dinner! 

So you know what? Instead of beating myself up for how I conceptualize a great time, I turned it into my goal. I work towards that. I work hard so that maybe I can get out of work a little faster. I wake up early and clean on a Sunday so I can spend a guilt free day of chilling about my (clean) pad. I sometimes will do a 12 hour work day so I can have an entire day off. I am a hard productive worker because of how lazy I am! Because all this is getting shit done, all this is being productive. This is time management. This is doing things right the first time so you do not waste time doing it again. All being set ablaze by the same goal… guilt free laziness. And let me tell you something peeps, guilt free laziness is true laziness! And once you go guilt free you won’t go back! Instead of battling our natural tendencies why are we not embarrassing them and tweaking them to work for us?

Just like people’s best qualities can have downsides why can’t our bad qualities have an upside?


Is there anything about yourself that you thought was a bad thing but you have learned it is actually a great thing?

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