Ahava- Hydration Cream Mask

Review = Honesty

I would have never tried this product if it had not come in my FabFitFun Box. There are a few reasons for that


I do not know much about this brand. My only other exposure was also through Fab Fit Fun when I was given a hand moisturizer that although I like and use (Before bed cause its a tad oily) was not amazed by and didn’t even ponder what other products the brand would make.


A Moisture mask is not something I would shop for. I do not know why. My skin now that I am older (RIP 20’s) is often more dry than I think I have mentally caught up with after years of always being a bit oily and combination. Also leaving the ocean breeze and now dealing with Toronto winters does not help this situation. So I like that this mask has opened me up to changing what I look for in products.

I have had a bunch of time off from work over the holidays. The chores are done and I am fully into relaxing. Plus I am still battling colds and flus and being social is off the table. This means that I am having lots and lots of baths! Candle lit, relaxing iPod playlist (Otis Redding, sitting on the dock of the bay is on the list twice!) self care baths!

Now, if you are going to sit in the bath you should do a face mask. I mean you are just lying there, might as well right! It is literally the only time I do them.

I had done a few different mask that week, all with purposes and all recommended for 1-2 times a week. Now I was hopping in the tub and needed a mask, like duh. But I wanted something easy and soothing and I remembered this baby coming in my winter box and voila! I was trying it.

It has a very pleasant almost non existent scent. It feels very smooth and luxurious. I used a gentle cleanser first to rid of any debris from the day and to help the mask really seap in. I left the mask on for about 30 min Then rinsed with warm water and went on with my normal night routine.

I have used it a handful of times since and do feel like my skin is very dewy and extra soft after using it. I have had no breakouts and feel like it is very good at taking any redness away from a cold winter’s wind.

I saw this product at Sephora for $41.00 although they seem to be sold out now. This seems a tad steep to me for what it is and I do not know If I would purchase. I am on the fence about it. But I do like it and will be a bit sad when it is empty.

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