If picky eating and poor organization is taking the fun out of mealtime I am here to help!

After working as a Private Chef and Nanny for almost 15 years for families I have learned a few tricks and I would love to share them with you.

Below are my services

Picky Eater Phone consultation $85.00

60 min phone consultations where we discuss your meal time struggles. We will go over your child’s likes and dislikes and give you a place to safely vent your frustrations. I will offer you personalized advice and help you get back on track.

This also comes with 3 family friendly recipes and shopping list

The Picky Eaters Course $399

This will start with a phone consultation where we will chat about your hopes and dreams for what you want family dinners to look like. Sometimes I will request to video call a mealtime to see the child in action. This is non judgmental and simply to help make a plan.
I will then prepare the first of our two part 1 week menu plan.
Breakfast Lunch Dinner and 2 Snacks
Personalized for your families eating habits with recipes and grocery list included
We will follow this plan for a second week with a few variations since Rome was not built in a day!
After the two weeks we will chat again to talk about what’s changing and what we are still struggling with and a second week family menu will be made.

I am also available to you for any questions and concerns you might have while we work together!

Organization Phone Consultation $110

Perhaps everyone is a great eater in your home but getting ready in the morning and out the door is a struggle. Maybe planning meals and prepping to make dinner time easier on those busy nights keeps you up at night. Let’s take a good look at your schedule and make life easier for you, after all I think you already are working hard enough!

This Also comes with a 5 day custom breakfast or dinner menu including recipes and shopping list