My Newest Skincare Regime…and guys this is the BEST one yet!!

Skincare has always been a passion for me. So of course, like anything you have interest in I tended to read a lot of articles and reviews. I clicked on anything on the internet that had a headline like ‘Certain celebrity you do not care about loves this high end product you can not afford!’ I thought I knew a lot, but you guessed it, I did not.

Worst of all was the guilt I felt because I did not have endless money for the creams and special services. I Convinced myself I was never going to know perfect skin and would age horrendously. Somehow this deemed me a failure.

Fact check 1. Perfect skin exists only through filters and airbrushing. Fact check 2. You will age and should feel mighty lucky to do so.

Like so many at the beginning of this pandemic I found myself with a bit of extra time on my hands. I chose to use it to binge a handsome British man named James Welsh. He does not just review products. He discusses them. Why they work. What is pure hype and ingredients actually matter. He also loves a decent priced product and explains fully when he has chosen a more expensive brand. I found I learned so much about ingredients not just certain products and felt so much more in control when I shopped.

So here it is lovelies. I have been rocking this skincare since Christmas 2020 and feel like I have NEVER been happier with my routine!

Below is both the products I am suing and the order I use them in. I have normal skin that is not very sensitive and I have very few breakouts and when I do they are always on my chin. I am concerned about aging since I am in my mid 30’s and have some sun damage.

This is the routine I do every night, or when I get home from work. I have to be honest and admit I cleanse in the shower, therefor my water is most definitely considered to hot. The thing is, I like this ritual. It works for me. Therefor I keep doing it. Sometimes you have to be a little dirty even whilst getting clean 😉

The Ritual PM

Double Cleanse. One to remove make up and sunscreen. The second to gently cleanse the skin clean. The cleansing balm you fist apply to dry skin and then wet your hands and watch it become a creamy dream. It melts everything off! Even waterproof mascara stands no chance. The Low PH cleanser might say morning on the tube but I use it at night because I am a rebel like that. It is so gentle and never leaves your skin tight. Now tell me how could you not want that in the PM too, like who could blame me?!?

The Tone The treatment. The Essence. This has a cult following guys! And if you are looking for a clearer complexion and to make those pores look smaller look no further. (I am part of that cult BTW). You might have to start slow but I can use it every night without issue now. I would only skip if I was going to use a retinol because they do not play well together. My sister bought me this years ago and I just thought it was ok, but it is simply because I did not commit and did not use it right. I find you have to give this one 5-10 min on your skin before you add any other products.

Toners are so different than the ones we grew up with. The old toners were astringents that were so harsh or were used to clean the leftovers from our old crappy cleansers. haha We have come a long way. Explore. But my absolute recommendation is below!

Cosrx, BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

The Serums. My favourite. I feel like this is where you target your targets. This is also the mostly likely place I will chose to spend a little more money. But, not with either of these. These two serums are very easy on the wallet. Niacinamide is incredible. It evens out your complexion and controls oil production. And this it is beyond affordable! Some people are not a huge fan of the consistency, but call me cheap because the tiny bit I do not like it is so not going to stop me from buying it! I apply it after a few sprits of this Rose Hibiscus Spray so my face is a little damp and I find I like it a lot more. The Green Tea serum is just lovely. So calm and soothing. It feels ever so slightly cool when you apply it and I feel like it has helped repair my skin barrior that I have hurt over the years when I did not know what the F I was doing.

I am not sure about how I feel about spending money on eye creams. My reasoning for purchasing this was that I may not have sensitive skin but my eyes and the the skin around them is. I find this cooling, non irritating and gives me a temporary brightness and plumpness.

Smoothing Eye Cream

Moisturize baby! You have done all that work now lock it in for the night. Your skin will thank you. I am still obsessed with using sleeping mask as my new night cream and I do not think I will be changing my mind anytime soon! I still love Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C but I can not find it anymore and it was on the expensive side so I am super happy to report I have moved on, and this relationship is easier on the wallet. It is light but still so hydrating. It never causes me to break out and it feels like heaven! You just wake up with nice skin.

Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Mask

The Ritual AM

I am a very simple AM girl. Coffee, cat cuddles and my smoothie are by far more important than skin.

I splash warm water on my face and pat dry. (Revolutionary right!)

The only product I use before SPF and a BB Cream is Vitamin C. It really brightens your skin and I find it gives me a great glow. Once again this is super affordable and does the job. I have to warn though I do not think this ‘cream’ feels nice to put on. I def get a tingle and at first I assumed my skin would not tolerate it. But it does and I like what vitamin C does for me. I am going to try the inkey list when this is finished though. It is still affordable and I might like it more. That being said I can see myself purchasing The Ordinary’s again. It is just that good of a price and does the job.

Vitamin C Suspension 23%
+ HA Spheres 2%

And well, that is all folks! Questions? Recommendations? Is there a product you guys would like me to try?


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