The Dating Life

Bad dates? at least learn something sweetheart!

Late in my 20’s I found myself born again. But before we can get to that we have to go back a bit, to 18 when I had been living by the ocean for all of my life. I met a man and I dated him for 10 years. 10 YEARS!!! I had a ‘normal’ life and what I only know now but certainly didn’t know then, absolutely no zest for it! I was a good actor. I smiled, cracked jokes, pretended everything was butterflies. Who would have guessed this girl was miserable and scared. How would anyone have known? I didn’t really know. I did know I was half chicken shit and half hopeful, this was the reason I stayed. Thanks to low self esteem and a need for a sense of control I always fell back to comfort. Besides you do not really know how unhappy you are if it is your everyday life.

I was however self aware enough to know something had to change. I had a gypsy soul that would sometimes make me do exciting things and she was itching for something big. My happiest times came when I followed my inner gypsy and I knew this time she wouldn’t be ignored! I soon found myself in a big city across the country. The Gods stepped in and the 6’3 230 pound nous around my neck was whisked away back to the ocean and I sat in my apartment and I took a deep breath. It felt like I had been underwater drowning and was getting my first hit of oxygen! And even with tears of fear racing down my cheeks, even with the low self-esteem shouting you have taken off way more than you can chew I was alive and that got me excited. The gypsy had been working her magic and she was getting ready to be freed. Everything felt possible.So I decided. Since I had given away my 20’s to a not worthy creature I had one year to get all the selfish fun in. One year to be different. Say yes! And have a really, really good time. SO when my birthday came on January 11th I started!One of the best ways to go out and have fun? Boys! And believe me they offer hours of drama, laughs and just oodles of entertainment! I have kept an open mind and dated some interesting men. I don’t think I have a type, but if you are tall and funny I might be a little more ‘oh hey!’Here are some characters you will run into on your dating adventure!

The Stalker

You didn’t really like him that much and were bored. You tried to go the friend route, and you should have trusted your instincts better cause you knew something was off. He is a weirdo and if you see him again you call the police!

Mr Tall Dark and Confusing

He is so tall, so good-looking and so good is the chemistry! But you also never knew what his plan was. His crazy handsomeness made you feel like the ugly duckling at all times and you could barely put two sentences together when you were around him. He could never make up his mind and you started feeling like maybe you were just a notch on the bedpost. You finally call it off only to spend 6 months fantasizing about your reunion. And because life is funny, by the magic of the love gods he contacts you! You get the chance to turn fantasy into reality! You walk into the bar, the excitement, the longing, the chemistry…all gone?! Wait? What? He doesn’t even seem as hot as before. What the hell happened? Hormones are fucked up!

Your What you Thought Dream Guy (Funny, Tall, and wears Plaid Shirts)

He is that perfect moderation. Confident but still nervous. Good looking but he needs his facial hair. He is funny and you love his voice. When you hang out you feel like you are in a quirky sitcom or independent movie. The problem? He is a tad too flaky and maybe you like him too much to risk feeling feelings and it ends as quickly as it started!

The Sweet Guy (The Real Dream Guy)

He is Robbie (Adam Sandler) from The Wedding Singer. The nice guy. The guy that you thought didn’t exist. He makes even a girl like me embrace the cheese! He is even sometimes, almost a dream come true. But (‘Cause there is always a but) with all this sweetness comes a few pitfalls. He is open and emotional. This guy remembers every kiss. This guy will always live a bit in the past. This makes the dream guy a tad less dreamy for sure but life is messy and even the best comes with some bad and believe me, he is worth it!
So is dating fun or does dating suck? The truth is it’s both! But honey if you are feeling you are living and that is what life is about!


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