the immunity juice

immunity I have come to help

Remember when everyone in your office or school would be sick and you needed to make sure you did not cave to peer pressure and become ill yourself? So you would eat healthier and take ginger shots to ‘protect’ yourself. I wish that was our worry at the moment. Unfortunately our fear of becoming ill are much more complicated and scary these days.

Will this juice keep you healthy? No. Will it aid in helping you fight Coronavirus. No.

Is it maybe a good time to think about doing things that natural help your body work at its best? I think so… Lots of water, lots of good quality sleep, lots of movement and lots of fruits and veggies! Oh and lots of HAND WASHING!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay safe!



2 beets, peeled and cut

1 medium orange peeled and cut

1 cup of fresh baby spinach 

1 lemon peeled 

1 cm peeled fresh ginger

1 carrot 

Process through juicer stir and enjoy!


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