Desiree Fancey

Desiree is a Writer, Private Chef and Children’s Picky Eating Consultant. She is graduate from the Culinary Program of The Art Institute (Dubrulle) and has 15 years experience cooking for families privately.

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Hello, my name is Desiree (although most call me Desi!) and I am from Vancouver on the beautiful west coast. I left almost 9 years ago to move to the big city of Toronto and after some amazing years of meeting my love, hanging with extraordinary people and eating REALLY good food we are off on our new adventure of owning our first home in the smaller city of Hamilton.
I am married to Mr Kevan Fancey and we have the cutest little BIG cat named Monty that we adore!
I eat and cook from all different diets and have come to terms with my flexitarian eating habits. I am most passionate about food, music, home and travel. Currently in the process of figuring out how to make a life where all these passions can have the opportunity to grow!
Thank you for dropping by and I can not wait to chill with you ✌
I so hope we learn lots while listening to really good tunes, cooking yummy easy food and designing our houses to look fab all while on the millennial budget!