The Washing of the end of day Face

Last week I wrote a post about my after shower (after cleansing) routine and although I did mention my cleansing regimen so many people asked about products and requested more detail so here it is!

I have always loved skincare. My sister was and still is the makeup expert and I will most definitely seek her advice if I need help picking a new concealer but my heart has always been with the skin. I feel like you need less makeup and it sits better on healthy skin. I remember being little in the 9o’s and loving to wash my face with Noxzema and feeling the tingles 🙂

SO once again Spring is strange and the weather is still a bit iffy (here in Toronto anyway!) so I always feel it is a bit trickier to find the right routine but this is what I am rocking these days. I also pretty much always do this is the shower since I shower at the end of the day!

Burt’s Bees Oil Cleanser

I love starting with this! It is great at taking off make up or previous product and is gentle and does not strip. If you have oily skin please do not run away! Hiding from oils is old school and I think you will like having a product that doesn’t strip your skin and is gentle!

Skinesque’s Enzyme Cleansing Powder

There are a few reasons I love this product!

The number one reason is it is just a fantastic gentle exfoliating Scrub!

After the oil cleanse I mix about 1-2 TSP of the powder in between my fingers but before it dissolves and goes foamy, when there is till some grain in the texture, I massage my face in a circular motion. I like to concentrating on my nose and chin. I also love to leave this on for a bit afterwards, like a mini shower mask. 5 min give or take. Then a rinse! I use this 3 times a week!

Another reason I love this product so is that it rivals my most favourite exfoliating powder scrub made by Dermalogica. Problem is that will set you back $82, whereas Skinesque I saw a pack of two for under $25 at Costco!

Aveeno Ageless Cleanser

This is what I am using on the days I do not exfoliate. It is gentle and very decent. I feel like it is a very good generic cleanser but I do not think I will be buying this again because I do not think it is anything special. That being said if you have sensitive skin and are in the 30’s age range and need something basic I do think you should try this!


My Aloe plant was having a hard time and did not feel to well but good news is that I bought better soil and replanted her and she is doing great!

This also meant I got to cut some of her droopy leaves and I am loving using them for beauty stuff!

I keep the leaves in water in my bathroom (like cut flowers!) When I get out of the shower I cut a 1 inch piece then cut that in half. I use my nail to break up some of the gel and then rub the jelly side of leaf on my face, neck and chest. Then I let that sit before I start with my serums and moisturizer! Seriously my skin has not looked better!!!

What are you guys using a loving this spring?


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