The Curling of the lash

I am many things, and one of those things gets called girly. (Everyone says my tattoos are ‘girl’ tattoos, and I am ok with that!) Although I am sure this is not said mean spiritedly (most of the time) let’s stay clear of that saying shall we? 

We are considered unkempt men women if we don’t wax and wear makeup but too high maintenance and the ‘g’ word if we tend to ourselves. This ladies and gentlemen means there is a very fine line (possibly one that does not even exist) to walk on in order to be the right amount of ‘woman’. Because I very much dislike staying in the lines I have a rule. Do what feels right and do not do what feels wrong. No judgments here! 

Rant done, review to commence!

I have tended to my eyelashes more and more over the last few years. I do not like to shell out big bucks for the eyelash serums so I often alternate castor or coconut oil on a clean eyelash curler and serums to help them grow strong. But there is an issue with the serums and oils, they did not fix what my eyelash ‘problem’ was.

I have always had decent length lashes but you can only tell when they are curled. Otherwise they stick straight out and you can not tell if they are long and luscious or short and frumpy. So when I heard about perming them or ‘lifting’ as it is called I was soooooooooooo excited. I did not  jump on it however. I waited around a year or so and really researched places and procedures. 

I finally chose MYNC Beauty and went to their yorkville location here in Toronto. A lovely little spot. Very calming and friendly. The girl was ready to take me almost immediately, which I love because I strongly dislike waiting for long when you make appointments. She was awesome at explaining how long it would take and what the steps were. 

It is very important to not wear makeup. Eye makeup mostly but to be safe I just went bare faced.  You lie down and just let the technician do their thing. It is a bit weird to keep your eyes closed that long while they brush up your lashes but I found it got easier as it went along. The procedure took about 60 min and cost about $80 before tax and tip. 

What did I think? Awesome! My lashes almost looked like extensions! I was so impressed! Not too many rules to follow except to keep them dry for the first 24 hours. After that you are safe to treat them like you did before. I did notice a tiny bit of irritation with my eyes for 3-4 days after the procedure but it was minimal and I do think I have sensitive eyes. The lift usually last an average of 6 weeks and that was true for me. Although it was the first month where they looked really good!

Verdict. A bit too costly and time consuming for me to add this to my routine permanently. But I did love it! Beach vacays or summer when you don’t want to wear makeup but still want to look like a better version of you, this fits that bill! 

Is this something you guys would want to try? Have you already done it? What are your lash routines sweets?


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